Photo making


Photography is positioned as a new movement opposed to traditional photography, aiming to create a new experience by employing various images based on the principles of visual arts. Here are a few examples of Sepehr Nasihatgar’s photographic works:

عکس سازی یا کولاژ آرت چیست

bang baby


Strong as your song bang bang, we come closer and watch everything with you.

کولاژ آرت سپهر نصیحت گر عکس‌سازی
کولاژ آرت سپهر نصیحت گر



You were walking in the mountains, but they were going from the sky to the moon, and no one from the moon even understood why the moon had fallen!

کولاژ آرت مانییفست سپهر نصیحت گر
کولاژ آرت مانیفست ۲ سپهر نصیحت گر


عکس‌سازی گوسفندها در پارک شهر رشت سپهر نصیحت گر
عکس سازی دختر افغان سپهر نصیحت گر
عکس سازی دختر افغان دوم سپهر نصیحت گر
Winsent 2 sepehr nasihatgar
Wnsent sepehr nasihatgar collage arts



Our world started like this, bananas were yellow at first, some people disagreed and changed bananas to purple, now some people sell us purple bananas instead of yellow bananas.

Bnana sepehr nasihatgar collage Art
wather melon sepehr nasihatgar collage art
Orange sepehr nasihatgar collage art
Kiss in moon sepehr nasihatgar collage art

i Love Cheap Thrills

banana moon sepehr nasihatgar collage arttif

sllirhT paehC evoL i